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Can’t afford itworks?

Something that gets said to me all the time is, I can’t afford Itworks , it’s a bit expensive isn’t it or I’ll wait until next month.
Well listen up! 
☕️Do you grab a coffee on the go twice a week at £3.50 each? That’s £28 a month! 

🍟Do you have a takeaway every Saturday night at £15? That’s £60 a month! 

🍔Do you buy a meal deal at £3 a pop for lunch ? That’s £24 a month! 

🍷Do you spend £30 on a night out twice a month? That’s £60 a month!

Total that up and that’s £172 in a month!!!!

People think spending as little as £13 per week on getting healthier on the inside and outside is going to break the bank! 😱😱

Chances are it’s not too expensive, you just don’t realise what you’re already spending money on! 

 Prioritise your health and body!!🙋🏻